Sakaori Tanada rice and other special, local products

The reason why Sakaori Tanada rice is so delicious


Reason 1: The special terrain and water

In mountainous areas, the differences in temperature between day and night is much greater than flatter areas. This temperature difference and the clean water of the mountain spring water and Sakaori river help to grow delicious rice.


Reason 2: Difference in quality

The rice grain is sweet and relatively small and is uniform in size and shape. The sweetness is condensed in each grain.


Reason 3: We put a great amount of effort and time into looking after the rice.

The rice is grown by hand. The water in the rice fields is adjusted daily and where possible, we always dry the rice in the sun.

President Taguchi


The commitment of Sakaori Tanada rice

We grow three varieties of rice – “Mine Asahi”, “Koshihikari” and “Hitomebore”. The main variety is “Mine Asahi”. It has been grown in the area for 35 years. It is suitable for terraced rice fields, surrounded by medium sized mountains. Its production is actually very small and it is known as the “Phantom rice” because of its rareness. In 2011, at the 6th Tokyo terraced rice field festival, it won the “Rice ball” contest. It was very highly rated for the delicious taste.


【Soil making】

We only use naturally produced compost fertilizer in the soil (no artificial fertilizer)


【Growing seeds】

We grow seedlings without using pesticides.



We balance the use of our fertilizer in the soil


【Water management】

We adjust the temperature of the water and the amount of water each and every day.


【Drying the rice】

We dry our harvested rice in the sunshine.


Sakaori Tanada rice sales

You can buy our rice directly from Fudo falls farmerʼs market in “Sakaori Ochabandokoro”.
You can also buy it online at the “One hundred best terraced rice fields” website.



Famous products from the area surrounding Mount Kasagi

Our rich mountains provide delicious chestnuts. The abundant and clear waters of the area help nurture our rice in the terraced rice fields. The natural environment also means we can grow an abundance of delicious crops. We have cherished all these as well as the traditional methods of making local dishes. Please enjoy the local specialties while enjoying the views of the terraced rice fields.


Hoba sushi

This is a traditional type of sushi from this region. The sushi rice is wrapped in large leaves. A long time ago, people took this with them when they went to work in the mountains.


Fudotaki miso

This is a paste made from soy beans from the local area. There is only a modest salt content, so you can taste the flavor of the soy beans.


Gohei mochi

These are rice cakes, baked over charcoal, with a delicious sweet sauce made from soy bean paste, soy sauce, sugar, walnuts, peanuts and sesame seed. The smell on its own will surely make you hungry.


Ena Kurikinton(Sweet chestnut paste)

This is a very famous, locally handmade sweet. They are made from chestnuts and a small amount of sugar. The surrounding area is very famous for its many chestnut orchards.


Sweets with a homemade taste

Dried persimmon, snowballs, biscotti, seasonal cakes and Japanese “manju” are all made by the local community, giving a real traditional taste of a Japanese home to anyone who eats them.


Mount Kasagi area – famous for chestnuts

In March 2011, the Mount Kasagi Chestnut production association was formed. They own a large number of chestnut orchards and organise events such as chestnut harvesting, which you can join.


Sakaori Ochabandokoro(Sakaori Tanada rest place)


Sakaori Ochabandokoro (Sakaori Tanada rest place)

This is a café, located in the Sakaori terraced rice field area. You can enjoy the stunning views of the area while enjoying one of our special lunch menus.