Fudo falls farmer’s market (Fudo falls Yasai no kai )

We grow and sell local vegetables and food. The vegetables are grown using very reduced amounts of artificial pesticides and the mushrooms and wild plants are all naturally grown in the local area. Our local food has all been made using traditional methods. For example, our “miso” (soy bean paste) is made from local soy beans and rice and does not have any artificial flavoring or preservatives. You can also enjoy meals and lunch boxes that are served using seasonal vegetables from the local area and, of course, rice from the Sakaori terraced rice fields.

Fresh vegetables line up at the storefront Handmade traditional sweets We sell Gohei mochi on weekends and holidays only
[Houbamochi] 480 yen for five Handmade miso owned by local women
Address 41-1 Nakanoho town, Ena city, Gifu prefecture
Phone number 0573-23-2166
Business hours On weekdays 8:00 to 15:00 / Saturdays, Sundays and holidays 8:00 to 16:00
Regular holiday Late December to mid March
Parking Lot Free parking
Price list Freshly grown vegetables and vegetables are locally marketed, hand-made miso 500 yen / 700 g,
Tanada rice rice ball three pieces 350 yen,
Yokogimochi 350 yen,
Konnyaku two pieces 350 yen,
Houba sushi two pieces 450 yen,
Houbamochi 480 yen, other lunch box, There are also rice crackers and Yuzu products.
Credit card payment Credit cards are not accepted
Free WiFi None
Remarks There is also a cafeteria "Azisai" in the shop, which offers set meals etc.

Traffic access