Sakaori Ochabandokoro(Sakaori Tanada rest place)

The “Sakaori Ochabandokoro” is a rest place situated in the middle of the Sakaori terraced rice fields. You can enjoy tea or eating a meal, while admiring the views of the terraced rice fields in front of you. We prepare meals using Sakaori Tanada rice, locally grown vegetables and natural, free range eggs from our own chickens.
The store also sells local specialty goods from the surrounding area. Please come and see us.

Coffee set "Onigiri teisyoku"(Rice ball set meal) Inside the rest place
Address 782-1 Nakanoho town, Ena city, Gifu prefecture
Phone number 0573-23-2032
Regular holiday Irregular holidays (please confirm by phone in advance)
Parking Lot Free parking
Credit card payment Credit cards are not accepted
Free WiFi Yes

Traffic access