(Farm inn) Fuuchan

“Fuuchan” is situated high up on the hill. You can see the rural landscape and Mount Kasagi spreading out in front of you. The owner ,Tateki, works for the local agricultural group, “Agri-assist, Nakanoho”, which protects the agriculture in this region. His wide, Fuzuki, is a very active person, working as a calligraphy teacher at the local Elementary school and also growing a wide variety of vegetables in their field, amongst many other activities. You can enjoy many seasonal fruits at “Fuuchan”, including persimmon, plums and chestnuts. You can also experience various agricultural activities and traditional food making. If you stay at “Fuuchan”, you will feel like you are staying your countryside grandmother’s house!

An inn on the hill "Fuuchan" Living room as a bedroom Dining room and common room
Please use the bathroom before 9am Clean toilet Rural landscape in front of eyes
You can pick up chestnuts in September Rice field work is the owner ,Tatsuki, specialty Preserved food and pickle making experience
Kind Farm inn
Address 4047 Nakanoho town, Ena city, Gifu prefecture
Business hours Check in from 16:00/Check out ~ 10:00
Regular holiday There is no fixed holiday, but if there is no reservation, it will be closed
Parking Lot Free parking
Price list Accommodation fee including tax
[1 night 2 days with 2 meals]
Adult ¥ 9,000 per person
Elementary school student ~ ¥ 5,000 per person
Infants-¥ 3,000 per person * No futon
[Without meals] Adults ¥ 6,000 per person
[1 night with breakfast] Adult ¥ 6,500 per person
* Cancellation fee will be charged from 1 week before
1 to 1 group per day
Bath towel available
Please bring your own toiletries and yukata (pajamas)
[Experience options]
Rice planting and rice harvesting (half day ¥ 2,500 per person)
Seasonal harvesting experience (Please contact us as working hours and prices vary depending on the crops you can harvest)
Farming experience (half day ¥ 1,500 per person)
Making chestnut kinton (¥ 1,500 per person for half a day, takeaway souvenirs are not included)
Pickle making (half day ¥ 1,500 per person)
Credit card payment Credit cards are not accepted
Free WiFi Yes
Remarks We can pick you up from the nearest bus stop “Dainichi” (advance reservation required)
Inquiries/Application Sakaori Tanada preservation society

Traffic access