(Farm inn) Kurashinoyado Tokinouta

“Kurashinoyado Tokinouta” is run by Mr. and Mrs.Nagae, along with their two sons. The inn is surrounded by mountains, fields and an abundance of nature. They grow rice and vegetables naturally, without any use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers. They have renovated an old private house themselves and have made it in to a very cozy space. With a bath that is heated by a wood fire and chickens in their huts, you can enjoy a very special experience of being in the traditional, Japanese countryside when staying here. Families with young children are especially welcome.

Located at a high altitude There are 2 rooms Dining room and kitchen
A bath with heated mountain water Clean toilet Scenery unique to hills
Wood burner that heats the bath We have chickens that lay eggs There are some nice old tools
Kind Farm inn
Address 3235 Nakanoho town, Ena city, Gifu prefecture
Business hours Check in from 16:00/Check out ~ 10:00
Regular holiday There is no fixed holiday, but if there is no reservation, it will be closed
Parking Lot Free parking
Price list Accommodation fee
1 night 2 meals, tax included
¥9,000 per person (adult)
¥5,000 per person (elementary school student)
¥3,000 per person (toddler 3 years old ~) * But no futon
1 day x 2 groups 1-10 people
Please bring your own toiletries, yukata (pajamas) and bath towels
[Experience options]
Farming experience (half day ¥2,500 per person)
Seasonal wild grass cooking (half day ¥ 2,500 per person)
Woodworking / DIY experience (half day ¥2,500 per person, excluding material costs)
Plant dyeing experience (half day ¥2,500 per person)
Credit card payment Credit cards are not accepted
Free WiFi Yes
Remarks We can pick you up from the nearest bus stop (Nakanoho Nakagiri) (advance reservation required)
Inquiries/Application Sakaori Tanada preservation society

Traffic access