(Farm inn) Ginmokusei

Ginnmokusei is a house that has 4 generations of the same family living there. If you stay there, you can see Nakanoho, glistening in the morning sunshine. The owner of the house, Imae, is a specialist in cutting and thinning trees in the forest. He is a member of the local lumberjack group, known as “Soma Gumi”. His wife, Yaeko, is one of the guides for the walk around the terraced rice fields. She is very familiar with the history and folktales of the Nakanohodistrict. She also provides delicious meals, using their homegrown vegetables.

Building appearance 1st floor guest room 2nd floor guest room
Men's and women's toilets Bathtub made of HINOKI wood Amenities
Yaekoko is a veteran Sakaori Tanada Guide Mr. Suzumura is a leader in forest development Rural landscape glowing in the morning sun
Kind Farm inn
Address 670 Nakanoho town, Ena city, Gifu prefecture
Business hours Check in from 16:00/Check out ~ 10:00
Regular holiday There is no fixed holiday, but if there is no reservation, it will be closed
Parking Lot Free parking
Price list Accommodation fee including tax
[1 night 2 days with 2 meals]Adult ¥9,000 per person
Elementary school student ~ ¥5,000 per person
Infants-¥3,000 per person *No futon
[Without meals] Adults ¥6,000 per person
[1 night with breakfast] Adult ¥6,500 per person
*Cancellation fee will be charged from 1 week before
*2 groups a day, 1 to 5 people
Bath towel available.
Please bring your own toiletries and yukata (pajamas)
[Experience options]
Rice planting and rice harvesting (half day ¥2,500 per person)
Seasonal vegetables, wild grass picking, naking bird flute or mud dumplings (half day ¥1,500per person)
Terraced rice fields guided walk highlights 30 minutes ¥1,000 (up to 10 people)
Terraced rice fields guided walk 75 minutes ¥1,500 (up to 10 people)
Terraced rice fields guided walk 90 minutes down ¥1,500 (up to 10 people)
Water source forest guided walk 2 hours 3.5km ¥10,000 (up to 10 people)Please contact us if you are interested in forest making and forest thinning experience
Credit card payment Credit cards are not accepted
Free WiFi Yes
Remarks We can pick you up from the nearest bus stop (Nose) (advance reservation required). We will add 500 yen for the heating fee during the cold season
Inquiries/Application Sakaori Tanada preservation society

Traffic access