Sakaori terraced rice fields guided walk

Take a walk accompanied by a local specialiist guide.
This is a guided walk that begins from the “Noze” bus stop, which is where the No.68 bus stops. You can see the terraced rice fields rising above you and the course will take you up to the “Nagomi no ie” and the observation plaza.
The guide will take you through the landscape features, masonry and irrigation channels. They will also talk to you about the local history and culture of the terraced rice fields. The course takes about 75 minutes through the Sakaori terraced rice fields and you can buy drinks, food and local products at “Nagomi no ie” at the end of the walk.
Guided walk details: The course is about 1.7km long and rises about 100m. The cost is 1500 yen per person. If you walk directly to the Observation plaza, without a guide, it will take you about 25 minutes.

The bus stop "Noze" is the starting point Cross the Noze bridge The scenery of Mt. Gongen and Tanada is wonderful
We will climb the hills of moderate terraced rice fields "Mountain God-Ryuzin" scolded on a huge stone Learn traditional masonry techniques
Clear stream of the Sakaori river Terraced rice fields waterways are the wisdom of their predecessors The goal is the “Nagomi no ie” Obanbandokoro
Best season April-November
Start time Morning or afternoon
Time required Approximately 75 minutes / distance: approximately 1.7km
Participation fee Local guide reward One person 1,500 yen (for one to ten people)
Venue Sakaori terraced rice fields
Meeting place The bus stop "Noze" is the starting point
Meeting place Address 1688-1 Nakanoho town, Ena city, Gifu prefecture
Leader/guide role Local guide
Participant number Acceptable from 1 to 50 per day (up to 10 per guide)
Equipment to bring Shoes and clothes suitable for walking. Rain gear, drinking wate
Guided walk content Departing from the bus stop "Nose"-Touring the highlights of Tanada-Ochanban restaurant(For details, please refer to the attached course diagram)
Application deadline 5 days before the day you want to attend. If there are 11 or more participants, please contact us one month prior to the desired date.
Remarks Walks may be postponed due to heavy rain. There is no toilet at the starting point.


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